Dr. Carla Maxwell Ray BillionsforGod


Financial Empowerment Through Generosity, Philanthropy, and Financial Stability

Propel your vision into action with Dr. Carla Maxwell Ray, Certified Professional Fundraising Executive (CFRE).

Giving can be among many nonprofits and churches’ most challenging growth elements. Whether you are unsure how to “ask people for money,” do not know where to find donors and supporters, or simply do not know what you need, Dr. Carla’s experience and guidance can help revitalize your organization’s funding strategy. Over two decades, Dr. Carla has helped both small and large nonprofits and churches collectively raise over 1 billion dollars. By bridging organizational data and research with spiritual principles of giving, Dr. Carla empowers churches, nonprofits, and their leadership teams to engage with their givers and grow resources. Her mission in life is to raise BillionsforGod!

Dr. Carla employs a BillionsforGod FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT strategic process for

Church Giving ~ Nonprofit Fundraising ~ Personal Financial Wellness

E3 + 2A = R

Carla’s Equation For Success

Carla’s Equation for Success explains how she does not sit down and wait, yet she rises and helps churches and nonprofits shine. When Dr. Carla first began generosity coaching, God gave her an equation that explained and defined her approach.

Empowerment (E3) comes through an exponential process of Educating, Equipping, and Encouraging clients and teams.

Equipping with innovative tools and Biblical principles.

Educating on best practices and customized strategies.

Encouraging to stay the course and keep everyone’s eyes on the prize.

Action and Accountability (2A), have a multiplicity relationship in that they partner as twins—twice the impact when actions are coupled with accountability.

Outlining a plan of success with deadlines, specific tasks, delegations, and regular support.

Results (R) go beyond revenue. While meeting the financial goal for achieving a vision or initiative is incredibly important, true results include confidence and competence in maintaining the strategy, sustainability in operations, and spiritual growth.

To achieve the Results of Competence, Revenue, and Spiritual Growth, all the parts of the equation have to work together.

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